Top 4 Gemstones for Embedding in Your Necklace

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you come across the term ‘gemstones’? Royalty? Indeed! Back in the olden days, these were worn only by Kings and Queens. Today, almost everybody has some or the other precious stones in their jewellery collection. If you’re into astrology, then you’re in luck because it’s been said that these stones also have some healing powers, if worn accordingly to your Zodiac signs. Most of the celebrities are seen wearing these power stones on their neck or fingers.

embedding in your necklace


Commonly known as ‘Ratnaraj’ or ‘King of gems’, this gemstone is featured in Queen Victoria’s Coronation ring, as well as in the Imperial State crown. A ruby’s value is determined by its colour. They are durable, hard and can be worn every day. This stone is supposed to strengthen your immune system.


These white beauties are knowns as ‘Queen of the Seas’. Tons of pearl necklaces were worn by Queen Elizabeth the First, as they represented chastity. It’s been said that they represent wisdom and purity. If you’re a pearl lover, you can make a choker necklace and a pair of drop earrings. Apparently, pearls are recommended for people with temper issues.


They come in many shades, but it’s the deep blue colour that you cannot take your eyes off. When one talks about sapphires, one cannot miss out on Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond choker necklace. According to astrology, sapphires protect the wearers from ill wishes.


At last! They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend! You couldn’t agree for more. No matter how old or who you are, you cannot resist adding this gem into your collection. Cut or uncut, they have their speciality in their own way. Remember Kohinoor?  It now resides in Queen’s crown in London.

Don’t stop with these, you can feature emeralds, jade, topaz and many more stones into your necklaces.  It’s wiser to do a little bit of homework when it comes to these gemstones, as they are super expensive. You wouldn’t want to buy it just for the sake of it. Wearing them isn’t always enough, knowing a thing or two about their origin, would definitely make you a proud wearer, after all, they have such beautiful history.

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